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2 Days in Verona (part 2)

Here we are at the second round of the itinerary to visit Verona in 2 days.
Two days are few to say you really know a city, in particular a city like Verona, but nevertheless are enough to see with your eyes at least those that are the main monuments of the city. Then, some of them could be defined as symbols thanks to their fame that crosses national borders. We are talking, for example, of the Arena of Verona and Juliet’s house, unmissable places of the city of Verona.

The previous time we have proposed the first part of this itinerary that is divided into 2 days. The first day we dedicated it to an approach to the slower city, which gives you the opportunity to breathe the local atmosphere and live Verona more as a traveler than a tourist. The proposed route starts from Piazza Bra, Piazza dell’Arena, continues along Via Giuseppe Mazzini and reaches Piazza delle Erbe, meeting place of the Veronese; take a cross that from Piazza delle Erbe reaches the innermost Piazza dei Signori and leads you to Castelvecchio and the Scaliger Bridge where the itinerary of the first day ends.

The second day of our itinerary is dedicated, instead, to the visit of the emblematic places of the city. After experiencing Verona walking through its streets and, why not, getting lost in its narrow streets, the second part of the itinerary takes you beyond the mighty walls of some buildings of the city. You will discover the Arena di Verona, the house of Giulietta, the church of Sant’Anastasia and the Museum of Lapidario Maffeiano.

Backpack on your shoulder and let’s go to discover Verona!

2nd day

Arena of Verona

Raise your hand if you do not know the Arena. From the new music stars to classical music tours, from dance shows to opera seasons, the Arena has welcomed and welcomes performances of great respect that attract visitors from Italy and abroad.
Has it always been like this? When it was erected yes. Like all the amphitheaters of the Roman era, the Arena was the place where gladiators and hunts to fierce and exotic animals performed for the joy of the people, noble and not. Over the centuries its original function failed and went through a period of degradation and even became the place where prostitutes of the city were confined.
Only by entering the Arena will you notice its excellence: the acoustics.
Admission is chargeable. The ticket is € 10.00 per person and discounts and free tickets are available for children up to 7 years and VeronaCard holders. From October to May every first Sunday of the month the ticket is € 1.00 per person.

Giulietta’s home

Everyone knows the tormented story of Romeo and Juliet. All connect it to the city of Verona. Few people know that perhaps Shakespeare was only inspired by a story that took place in Verona during the Middle Ages. It matters little whether Romeo and Juliet are really lived or the fruit of the imagination of the English poet, what matters is that love always triumphs and Verona has made love its distinctive trait.
After the iron gate in Via Cappello 23, a few steps from Piazza delle Erbe, you will receive a corridor where thousands of couples seal their love leaving their name or a dedication along the wall. The internal courtyard houses a statue that portrays Giulietta. The photo is a must, next to the statue, touching …
This place is open every day and can be visited by paying a ticket of € 6.00 per person.

Church of St. Anastasia

Our itinerary to visit Verona in 2 days continues. From the Casa di Giulietta you reach Piazza delle Erbe and, after having covered it all in length, turn right into Corso Sant’Anastasia. When you reach the end of the street, you will find yourself in front of the Church of Sant’Anastasia. Why this church? Because it is the largest church in Verona, born from the union of two different churches.

It is part of the Italian Gothic period and we can admire it thanks to the contribution of some Veronese families, including the Scaligeri. Inside, look for the Pellegrini Chapel, where the Pisanello fresco “San Giorgio and the Princess” has returned to its original position. Turning around the perimeter walls, you will discover that the apse, or the back of the church, overlooks the Adige river. At the end of the visit a walk along the riverfront is just what you need.
Admission is charged and costs € 3.00 per person.

Maffeiano Lapidary Museum

In this itinerary a museum could not be missing. We want to recommend the Lapidario Maffeiano museum because it is one of the oldest public museums in Europe. We must thank Scipione Maffei, a man of culture born in Verona, who collected epigraphs of different origins (Greek, Etruscan, Paleovenetian, Roman, Arab) and gave life in 1745 to this museum.
The museum is located a few steps from the Verona Arena and was originally thought of as the access garden to the Philharmonic Academy. Admission is possible from Tuesday to Sunday paying a ticket of € 4.50 per person.

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