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International europe hotel

Your ideal stay in history, art and culture. Immerse yourself in the heart of Verona and discover the beauties of this magnificent city. International Europe Hotel allows you to choose your ideal hotel in the heart of the Old Town to comfortably explore the city and experience an unforgettable stay.

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The solution for the beat stay in Verona

International Europe Hotel is the ideal solution to stay in Verona just steps from the Arena, the historic center and all major attractions. Choose the room you prefer and stay in one of our hotels. The location of the International Europe Hotel facilities offers the opportunity to easily walk around the streets of Verona so that you can admire the city in all its charm.

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2 Days in Verona (part 2)

Here we are at the second round of the itinerary to visit Verona in 2 days.
Two days are few to say you really know a city, in particular a city like Verona, but nevertheless are enough to see with yo […]

2 Days in Verona

If you have little time available for a holiday, staying in Italy is definitely the best choice. You can reach many places within a few kilometers from home and discover hidden treasures that will lea […]

Verona, the perfect weekend getaway

The weekend is the perfect time to visit Verona, from all over the world. A small but plentiful city with easy access for all. It doesn’t matter if you are coming with your car, by train or plane. Ver […]